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Through innovation and green technologies


Renewable Energy In Kenya: Meeting The Needs Of An Expanding Population

April 16th, 2018

Making affordable housing a reality in Kenya

April 12th, 2018

Kenya loses almost half of its drinkable water to leaks

March 27th, 2018

About us


Our group helps governments to improve lifes to millions of people around the world through providing innovative solutions in the fields that matters most to their citizens.  Sustainable healthcare, Smart Affordable Housing, Renewable Energy, Smart Cities solutions.


Through multinational partnerships and innovative approach to project financing, we are ready to transform Africa into what it has the opportunity to become. Thriving, progressive and technology-rich societies were leapfrogging into the 21st century.



Sustainable  Healthcare

At the age of AI,machine learning, deep learning and vision learning we continue to look for the miracle pill. We forget healthcare sustainability is the biggest challenge globally.

MGI focuses helping leaders of systems to solve operation challenges in order to sustain a financial solid and medical sound service that by design focuses on customer (patient) first.

Using Big data or creating big data when it is fragmented we deliver cutting edge solution where all the actions matters and no silos are left in place, cutting costs while increasing productivity and medical outcomes.

Smart Housing

What makes Smart Green housing especially noteworthy, though, is that the architectural and development team has created a distinctively innovative approach to green and healthy urban living: this begins with a spectacular stepped architectural form that creates from green materials apartments that are comfortable for urban life, spacious using advanced technologies to reduce energy consumptions and CO2 emission.The rooftops provide the functioning green infrastructure that can harvest rainwater, and serve as a location for PV green energy generation. All this at an affordable cost to middle-class residents in the main cities around the world.

Renewable Energy

One of the ongoing breakthrough in technology, a true amazing  transformative events of the current decade has been the dramatic, and sustained, improvement in the competitiveness of renewable power generation technologies. Support policies for solar and wind power technologies are driving a virtuous circle of technology improvements, falling costs and continued growth in new markets. In 2015, more renewable energy capacity was added to the global energy mix than in previous years, including 47GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) and 63GW of onshore wind.

MGI combines innovative financing approach and state of the art technology at affordable cost so communities can overcome the finance bottleneck and we can increase capacity to support the upcoming new industries, reduce the cost for home utilization and reduce CO2 emission when benefiting from one of the resources we all benefit for free plenty of Solar energy.


Smart Cities

Yet another amazing opportunity for better, healthier lifestyle. Smart technologies, IoT and high speed connectivity bringing levels of autonomy to systems understanding and improving what needs monitoring, understood and enhanced so that cities are more efficient, adapted, flexible and transformed in function of changing contextual factors. The future of metropolitan cities face the same challenges and can have similar benefits of Smart cities. Smart city solution is meant to solve problems, there are plenty of opportunities. From traffic optimization, energy savings, crime control and water savings and waste management. We help cities to work smarter for their residents.


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